• Osceola County Historical Society, Michael D. Bast Postcard Collection
  • Osceola County Historical Society Photo Collection
  • Interview with Larry Walter, PE former City of Kissimmee Public Works Director (1974-1981), President, Hanson, Walter and
  • Associates consulting engineers.
  • Interview with Mike Steigerwald, City Manager, City of Kissimmee.
  • Interview with Hector Lizasuain, Osceola County West 192 BeautiVacation Project Manager
  • Interview with George Chen, Chen Corporation
  • Interview with Maury Carter, Maurey L. Carter and Associates
  • Landstar Development Group
  • Florida’s Modern Planning History-In Brief, Max Fogerty, AICP, Planning magazine, October 2011
  • University of Florida Map and Imagery Library
  • U.S. Bureau of the Census
  • Population of Counties by Decennial Census: 1900 to 1990. Compiled and edited by Richard L. Forstall, Population Division,
  • US Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC 20233

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