• Over 700,000 people will live in Osceola County, primarily within our new Urban Growth Boundary.
  • Many of them will live in our new 60,000 acres of publicly mastered planned mixed use areas comprised of a variety of homes, new jobs, smaller walkable streets and easy access to transit.
  • The housing mix will include an equal balance of single family units and a variety mixed use units, small homes, townhomes and lofts.
  • Our density will increase to an average of over 5 dwelling units per acre.


  • Our County employment growth will increase to over 500,000 jobs, nearly five times what it is today.
  • We will see a shift from service jobs to a healthy mix in all employment sectors including biotechnology.
  • We will have over 1.5 jobs for every household, over double of what we have today.
  • Areas such as Highway 192 will evolve into include new tourist destinations and mixed use areas.
  • New mixed use job centers will emerge in Celebration, St. Cloud, Kissimmee, South Lake Toho, East Lake Toho and the Northeast mixed use districts. Due to its strategic location, the Northeast District Urban Center will be one largest urban centers in the region.


  • Areas outside the UGB will remain relatively undeveloped, with over 90% of growth targeted to the UGB.
  • A new public trail system will emerge, providing new recreational opportunities throughout the County.
  • A new series of regional parks will be developed, and will include a South Lake Toho Lakeside Park.
  • New wildlife areas will be preserved including an expansion of the Disney Wilderness Preserve.
  • New recreational destinations will be develop, such as a new international fishing destination and resort on South Lake Toho and a new resort and cultural center in the Northeast District.


  • Transportation will invigorate our economic centers, reduce travel costs, decrease vehicle miles of travel, shorten commute times, promote new transportation choices and increase our quality of life.
  • A regional expressway system will consist of Southport Connector, Osceola Parkway and Poinciana Blvd.
  • New high-speed rail on the I-4 and the Turnpike will make a daily commute to Tampa and Miami possible.
  • Rail service will provide access to Orlando, the airport, Disney, Celebration and Medical City from Poinciana, Kissimmee and the Northeast urban center.
  • New multi-modal corridors with a dedicated transit lane will connect Kissimmee, St. Cloud and the new job centers in South Lake Toho, East of Lake Toho, Narcoossee, Center Lake, and the Northeast District.