• Our population grew from 49,287 to over 260,000 people.
  • New, large-scale master planned communities sprang up in Osceola County during this booming period:
  • Poinciana, Buena Ventura Lakes, Harmony, and Celebration, as well as many smaller subdivisions.
  • 3/4 of our housing was low density single family units; less than 3 dwelling units/acre exist in the UGB.
  • The housing vacancy rate was over 15% due to the timeshare and the economy.


  • Dart Boulevard was expanded to become Osceola Parkway, a partially tolled road connecting Disney to I-4.
  • More vehicle miles were traveled, resulting in longer commute times and low transit ridership.


  • With over 80,000 jobs, primarily in the service industry, there was less than one job per household.
  • Osceola County began to diversify the job base, building on the historic ranch and tourism-related base, by luring more manufacturing, distribution and corporate headquarters operations to the area.


  • The National Wetlands Protection Act was adopted which requires no net loss of wetlands. Land developers voluntarily began to provide on-site open space areas.