• 1984 - State & Regional Planning Act adopted
  • 1985 - State of Florida Growth Management Act and Local Government Comprehensive Planning & Land Development Act adopted
  • 1985 - Food Security Act implemented “Swampbusters,” a program that seeks to remove federal incentives for the agricultural conversion of wetlands by rendering farmers who have drained or converted wetlands after 1985 ineligible for most farm subsidies
  • 1990 - The Food Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act amended “Swampbusters” and created the Wetland Reserve Program which provides financial incentives to farmers to restore and protect wetlands through the use of long-term easements
  • 1990 - Preservation 2000 Act authorizes expenditure of $3 million in 10 years to acquire conservation lands
  • 1991 - Osceola County adopts first Future Land Use Map
  • 1992 - Osceola County approved the county charter form of government in March, which was instituted on October 1, 1992; Water Resources Development Act authorizes Kissimmee River Restoration; City of Kissimmee adopts the County’s first Community Redevelopment Area (CRA)
  • 1993 - Osceola County amends regulations to allow home vacation rentals