• 1972 - Environmental Land & Water Management Act, Florida State Comprehensive Planning Act and Florida Water Resources Act
  • 1972 - Florida voters approve EEL (Environmentally Endangered Lands), a $240 million bond issues to fund the purchase of conservation and recreation lands
  • 1972 - County amends Agricultural Zoning District to conditionally allow Tourist-Service Center (TSC) and permits if less than 5k gallons effluent generated per day
  • 1972 - County relocates several public facilities: Chamber of Commerce, County jail, School District offices, Sheriff’s Office and Center for the Arts
  • 1974 - Legislature adopts State Minimum Building Code. Requires local adoption, amendment, and enforcement of state-selected model codes
  • 1975 - Local Government Comprehensive Planning Act
  • 1976 - Impact fees ruled constitutional in Florida and used to fund growth-related infrastructure; Florida Transit Corridor study completed